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How to pour a perfect pint of Guinness....

SERVING THE PERFECT PINT: It is said that Draught Guinness is “first drunk with the eyes.” To serve the perfect pint, the 50-liter (13.2-gallon) kegs of Guinness should be dispensed by a gas mixture of 75% nitrogen and 25% carbon dioxide at pressure between 30-40 pounds per square inch to produce the famous rich creamy head. Dispensed through the unique Guinness faucet, Draught Guinness is ideally served at between 42-48 degrees Fahrenheit.

When building the perfect pint of Guinness, one must also master the legendary technique known as the two-part pour: Always begin with a dry, clean, unchilled 20-ounce imperial pint glass.

Hold the glass at a 45° angle close to the faucet (or Pub Draught can) when first drawing the stout to prevent big bubbles from forming in the head.

Fill the glass 3/4 full, with the tap fully opened, and allow the beer to settle completely (the head should be separate from the rich, black body) before topping off ---this will allow the head to be lifted just proud of the glass. Mmmmm.

Other Facts About Guinness:

Guinness is the best-selling stout in the United States and around the world. Brewed at Dublin's St. James's Gate Brewery, Draught Guinness is sought after by beer drinkers who appreciate its rich black color, smooth creamy bead and complex, well-balanced flavors.

Guinness has a fabled past and is proudly recognized as the original "Stout." In 1759, 34-year-old Arthur Guinness took over a small brewery on the outskirts of Dublin. After signing a 9,000-year lease at an annual rent of 45 pounds, Guinness started brewing ales and a relatively new beer called porter, so named because its characteristically dark color and rich flavor were popular with the porters of London's Covent Garden.

Guinness's porter was so flavorful, yet smooth, that it set the standard for other brewers. By the 1820s, the adjective "stout" had been added to describe Guinness. Since that time, many brands have tried but have failed to duplicate the special appeal of Guinness. Today, Guinness is a globally recognized symbol of the Emerald Isle and at home is a traditional element of the Irish culture.

Draught Guinness starts with crystal clear water from Ireland's Wicklow Mountains, which contains the perfect balance of minerals for brewing a fine stout. High-quality domestic Irish barley is malted and mashed, then mixed with hand-picked hops, dark-roasted barley and a special strain of the original yeast used by Arthur Guinness to create the immediately recognizable deep black color, rich creamy bead and enticing flavor that is Draught Guinness.

Draught Guinness is an experience for all of the senses. It starts with the visual appeal of a perfectly built pint of Guinness, with its majestic thick bead and mysteriously dark color. The aroma of a Guinness offers hints of the brew's complexity and balance. And the taste of Guinness delivers on the promise of a beer that is known and respected worldwide. The taste of Guinness is a rich mix of roasted barley, a slightly caramel flavor that is balanced by perfectly selected hops to create a drink that is at once both dry and refreshing. The aroma and rich creamy head of Guinness is best enjoyed in the classic tulip-shaped pint glass. Guinness is a great accompaniment to a wide range of fine foods. For example, try Guinness with oysters and shellfish or roasted meats and wild game.

While the Guinness brand is more than two centuries old, the popularity of Draught Guinness continues to increase. During the last 10 years this explosive growth has averaged 17.1% a year. In the last three years Draught Guinness has been growing at an astounding 25% annually. This growth has been so dynamic that in 1995 the beverage trade magazine Impact named Guinness as one of the industry's "Hot Brands".

Guinness is perhaps the world's most literary beer. George Bernard Shaw, Sean O'Casey, Brian O'Nalan, James Joyce and Graham Greene frequently mention the famous Irish stout in their works. "Ask them haven't they got a Guinness. I'd just fancy a Guinness." - Graham Greene's Stamboul Train.

Draught Guinness has just 10 calories per fluid ounce. That is less than most domestic lagers and about the same as skim milk. Draught Guinness has approximately 4% alcohol by volume.


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